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Company Profile
SMS Enterprises, situated in Telangana, Hyderabad (India), is the leading Manufacturer of electrical equipments, machines and tools like SMPS, Hose Pipes, Sealing Machines etc. We have an extremely dedicated team which includes Engineers, R&D specialists, Quality Control Personnel, Packers, Logistic Experts and Store keepers. Our staff is well trained and we ensure our production and shipment process is extremely efficient. Our well qualified quality controllers monitor every step of the manufacturing process and ensure the premium quality of the outgoing products. We stand out in the competition due to timely delivery, exceptional customer service, secure trade practice and most importantly quality of our equipments.

Product Range

SMS Enterprise offers a wide range of equipments which are as follows:

SMPS Switched Mode Power Supply

Mean Well S-350-24 SMPS

Mean Well S-150-24 SMPS

Clutch Brake Module SP-989

SMPS Omron S8JC-Z35024CD

Proximity Switch CS1-F For Air Cylinder Magnetic Switch

CS1-J DC AC 5-240V Red LED Cylinder Magnetic Switch

Hose Pipes


EPDM VF-20 &VF-15

Silicone Hose Tubes

Elevator Buckets PVC

Carton Box Taping Machine Grip Belts

RKC Temperature Controllers

Chalk Making Moulds

Solvent Foam Tipped Cleaning Swabs

Box Taping Machine Carton Sealer Belt

Box Taping Machine Belt

LPI Bag Closer Machine

Elevator Cups PVC

Water Gun

Domino, Videojet, Markem Image Type TTO Priner Ribbons

Sealing Machine

Heavy Duty Continuous Sealing Machine

Hot Foil Sealing Machine

Band Sealing Machine

Hand Operated Sealing Machine

Foil Sealer

Foot Operated Sealing Machines

Mobile Bag Sealer

Packaging Machines &Sealing Machines Spares

Bed Sealer

Continuous Band Sealing Machines

Band Sealing Machine Spares Parts

Auto Coding System (Pouches Printing)

Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Chips

Continues Band Sealing Machines &Spares

Glass Foil Sealing Machine

Band Sealing Machines

Portable Induction Sealer

Foot Operator Sealing Machine

Rubber Roller For Band Sealing Machine

Vibrator Feeders For Packaging Machine

Chalk Making Equipment

Chalk Making Molds

Laxmana Rekha Type Chalk Moulds

Laxmana Rekha Chalk Moulds

Chalk Pieces Making Molds

Relays & Sensors


SSR Relays

D-A93 SMC Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor.

Relays 11 PIN 24 VCD

KL-3300 RST-K (Reed Sensor)

70G-IAC5 I/O Modules G5 digital input

70G-OAC5 I/O Modules G5 digital output

Industrial Air Filters &Separators

Delta IFD 8500 (RS485/RS422) Communication Modules

Panasonic Photoelectric Sensor

IR Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse

Vibrator Controller

Contrast Sensor SICK KT6W-N6116

Conveyor Belts

EE-SX670 Photoelectric Sensor NPN

EE-SX671 Omron

Floatless Level Switch 61F-GP-N

KT-50R Magnetic Read Sensors

Micro Photo Electric Sensor EE-SX671

Packaging Machine Spares

Photoelectric Switch E3F-DS10C4

Panasonic LX-111 Mark Sensor

Omron E3JK-R4M2 Photo Electric Switch

OMRON E3F3-D32 Photoelectric Sensor

Relay For Motor Band Sealing

Festo Air Cylinders

Sealing Machine Temperature Controllers

Band Sealer Controller

Armachur All Types

Armatures All Types

Laumas Load Cell 15 Kg

Load Cell Cable For Pack Machines

PMCD Motor Drive

SMS Enterprises Spares

Pouch Cutting Blades

Bin Feeding Vibrator

Amplifier Module For Pack Machine

Bag Neck Sealer YD-008

Knifes Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines

Pouch Packaging Machines

FFS Machines

Shrink Pouch Cone Laminating

Magic Pack Crystal Clear Gum Stick - High Sticking Power

Auto Coding Machine For Corrugated Box

Laumas Amplifier Module

Schmalz Suction Cup SGPN-40

Box Strapping Machine

Pakona Type HFFS Machine Blades

Vibrators Feeder

Videojet Printer Type Solenoid Valve

Vertical Band Sealing Electrodes

TTO Printer Resistant Printer Cleaning Swabs

Forming Tubes For Packaging Machines

Sehmalz Suction Cup SPB4F-30

Load Cell

ALL Load Cell

CZL 642 Load Cells

CZL 301 Load Cells

Single Point Load Cell

CZL 619 Load Cells

CZL 642 Load Cells

Load Cells

CZL 601 Single Point Load Cell

Keli QS Load Cell

Mini Table Top Scale with Front &Rear Display

Mini Platform Scale with Double Display

Heavy Duty Platform Scale

Table Top Scale with Front &Pole Display

Platform Scale with Double Display

Timing Belts

Paper Pulling Belt

7M2000 Polyfex Timing Belt

Paper Pulling Timing Belts

5M475 Polymax Timing Belt

Rubber Timing Belt

Special Timing Belts

Paper Pulling Belts

Green Rough Surface PU Industrial Round Belt

Nylon Sandwich Belts

Belt Cleats – Conveyor

Special Timing Belts with Holes

Conveyer Belt All Types

Timing Belts - Pack Machines

Greep Belts Yellow/ Green

Packaging Industrial Conveyer Belts

Pulling Belts For Packaging Machines

Temperature Controllers

PID Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controller TC-513


DTC-72 Temperature Controllers

Logic Controllers

DTC-72 Temperature Controller Max-Well

Sealing Machine Temperature Controllers

Voltage Monitoring Relays

Foot Switch

AC Feeder Modules For Packing Machine

Electronic Timer vt-30

Communication Module IFD8500


Extension Springs

Automotive Springs

Forming Tubes

Needles GB-230

Needles GB-250

Thread Cones

Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

DA15-F03 ( Pneumatic Auto Actuated Valve)

Camozzi 24n2a020a050 Cylinder

Camozzi 31f2a032a020 Cylinder

Camozzi 338-015-02 Solenoid

Candle Making Molds


Candles Making Moulds

Parafin Wax For Candles Macking

Candles Raw Materials

Candle Making Moulds And Raw Materials

Electronic Sensors

Photoelectric Proximity Sensor

SICK KT6W-N5116 &6116

TLu-011 Photo Mark Sensor

Proximity Sensors

D-M9B SMC Magnet Switch (SMC)

Rudham 50 Kg A08 Portable Electronic Luggage Weighing Scale

SMC Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor D-A93

Mean Well SMPS (RT-50D &RT-125D) Triple Output Switching

Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Switch NPN DC6-36V 4mm

EE-SX670R Omron

EE-SX673 Photo Micro Sensor

Photoelectric Sensor Switch Sensor EE-SX673A

Omron Photoelectric Sensor EE-SX672

EE-SX674 Photoelectric Sensor

Fotek Proximity Sensor PL-05N

PL-05P FOTEK Inductive Proximity Switch PNP

Unison SSR

Domino Printer Sensor

Read Sensor Kt-50r

PM-K54P Panasonic Electronic Sensors

Data Logic SR-21

Laumas Load Cell

OMRON Photoelectric Sensor EE-SX672A

Machine Spare Parts

Brass Worm Gears

Clutch Coils

F.H.P Motor Armatures

Timing Belt Pulleys

FESTO Pneumatic Air Cylinders

CAMOZZI Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Clutch Breck &Motors For FFS Machine

FFS Machine Spares Parts

Material Feeding Vibrator

Nichrome Spare Parts

Ffs Machine Shafts

Nichrome Machines Spares Parts

Meanwell SMPS T-50D

Material Vabrator Feeders

PMDC Motor With Gear

Stitching Machines &Thread Cones

Bag Closer Machine

Polyester Thread

Plastic Cones For Threads &Plastic Yarn Cones

LPI Double Stitch Machine DAD

LPI Stitching Machine

PP Thread cone Green

Thread Cone Orange

Thread Cone White

Carbon Brush For band Sealing Machine

LPI Bag Closer Machine

LPI Stitching Machine Latest

LPI Bag Closer DA

Carbon Brush for Stitching Motor

Hand Strapping Tool

Box Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping Tools

Strapping Rolls

Tape Dispensers

YBICO(imported) Packaging Dispensers


BOPP Tape Printed

Plastic Cones For Thread Cones

Electrical SMPS

SMPS Single Output Series

SMPS Sigle Output Series

SMPS Dual Output series

SMPS Multi Output Reries

SMPS 50 -100W Dinrail Series

SMPS 240-300W Multi Output Series

SMPS Dinrail Series


Sewing Machine Motor With Switch


Miniture Motor Dc Motors

DC Motor Drives

FHP Motor For Stitching Machines


Hot Air Gun Premium

Elteck Worm Gear Motors

Vibrator Feeders With Controller

Vibrator Controllers




Electro Magnetic Vibrator Feeder

Vibrator Controller

Vibrator Feeders With Controllers

Vibrator Feeder Long Size

Vibracon IV Vibrator Controler

New Items

Band Sealing Machine Thermocouple - Size M6

Band Sealing Machines - Vertical &Horizontal

Bladder ( Billow) For FFS Machine

Electronic Luggage Weighing Scale

FESTO SME-8-K-LED-24 Sensor 150855

Glue Gun ME 800 Magic Pack

Photoelectric Switch Sensor

Rubber Roller For Band Sealing Machine

Sealing Machines Heavy Models


Vibrator Controller MPI-72

Vigor VB-6A PLC

Available Core Tech Type Controllers &Spares

Axulaury Break Assembly For Packing Machine

Band Sealer PTFE Belt 770x15mm

Continue Heavy- Duty Head Adjustable Sealing Machine

FR-900 Band Sealer PTFE Belt 750x15

Foot Operated Sealing Machines 28''

Instamount for FFS Machine

Layman's Rekha Type Moulds

Motor For Band Sealing Machine

Motors And Armature For Bag Closer

Packaging Machine Knifes

Schleuniger PS9500P Cut and Strip Machine Green Feed Belts

Sealing Machine FR-900

TTO Printer Ribbons

Timing Belt Endless

Timing Belts, Paper Pulling Belt

Vibrator Coils For Packing Machines chennai

Vibrator Feeder with Controller MPIV-001

Vibrator Feeder with Controller MPIV-002

Liquid Filling Machine

Industrial Threads Cones

Band Sealer Machine Motor

Belt Cutting Machine

Key facts:

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter, Service Provider, Trader & Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Monthly Production Capacity

As Per Order

Original Equipment Manufacturer


Warehousing Facility


Export Percentage


Company Branches


No. of Engineers


No. of Production Units


Production Type

Automatic, Semi-Automatic



Annual Turnover

INR 1 Crores